Temporary Employment

Temporary work

All applicants have different reasons for working through recruitment agencies. Usually they fall in to the categories below:

  • Some people are in between jobs through redundancy etc.
  • Some candidates like the flexibility of agency work for reasons such as Variety of work or they are unable to commit to a full time position due to personal circumstances.
  • Some candidates are Semi – retired or similar and look for a little extra to keep them active along with it being flexible.
  • Some applicants utilise an agency to find their ideal job as they may not be happy in their current jobs (normally a CV Application).

Whatever your reasons for seeking Temporary work we can cater for you. We can offer
work from as little as daily, weekly or longer term if required.

We have had many workers work with us on a temporary basis for a number of years, this is because we have kept them in work regular enough to suit their personal needs. For our clients this is hugely advantageous as we can often supply workers that have worked with them before therefore they understand the job role as opposed to supplying different workers at every request and having to re-train.

Over the years we have placed many candidates into full time positions. A lot of these positions may have started out as a temporary contract through us, however due to the good calibre of work from our worker supplied; our worker has managed to secure a full time opportunity.

We have a strong belief that if we respect our workers, pay them a competitive rate of pay and keep them busy, we will retain them as long as they need to utilise our service. We feel proud that our applicants can find themselves full time positions through our supply to a client.

Our registration process is simple and friendly, please contact us now for more information

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